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We tap the sky for the best bottled water on Earth

Experience premium, renewable drinking water created by sunlight and air right here in Queensland, Australia. Exclusively brought to you by Waddi Springs Distribution.

We tap the sky for the best bottled water on Earth featured image
We tap the sky for the best bottled water on Earth featured image

Perfect drinking water

The best water doesn’t come from the ground, but from above it. We start with the cleanest, purest water vapor molecules pulled straight from the air and add the perfect balance of minerals to create the best tasting bottle of water on the planet.

Starts pure, stays pure

Mineralized for health

Sustainably sourced

Premium Taste

Our Water

Water on a mission

Buy Water

For each and every litre of SOURCE bottled water purchased

Give Water

One litre of water is given to an area in need, like the Guajira, Wayuu Tribal Land in Bahia Hondita, Colombia

Our mission at SOURCE has always been to perfect drinking water for every person, every place. Our new bottling initiative empowers consumers to make a difference on the local level in communities that need clean water most. With each litre produced, we inch closer to our goal.

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  • Our goal is to partner with companies that share in our mission and purpose. Waddi Group is one of those companies based in Queensland, Australia. We share the common goal to bring perfect renewable drinking water that is healthy for individuals, safe for communities and sustainable for the environment.
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Waddi Group Story

Carrying a futuristic vision has led to the collaboration of services within all commercial and domestic sectors to actively make a change within the Indigenous community. Waddi Group was formed by Indigenous Beverages Australia, an Indigenous majority owned and managed business that offers a range of quality Natural Spring Water, Beverage and Specialty Coffee Products.

Waddi Group Story image
Waddi Group Story image
Waddi Group Story image

Waddi Group Vision

Is to actively demonstrate and support all Indigenous people of Australia. Waddi Group is committed to building brighter futures for Indigenous Australians across the nation. With a focus on sealing the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians, Waddi Group believes strongly that investing in future generation’s is a collective social responsibility and will only be achieved by significant collaboration, equitable education, mentoring and contribution from all stakeholders. Waddi Group actively demonstrates that collectively we can make a significant impact within Indigenous Communities increasing Indigenous economic growth and prosperity.

Waddi Group Mission

Waddi Group has a clear mission to assist Government and Corporate Australia to end disparity, via strengthening partnerships between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians through understanding, encouragement, and active grass roots involvement within the commercial world. This will then lead to the empowerment of Indigenous people through sustainable employment and economic growth.


SOURCE Hydropanels pull water from the air, leaving our limited reserves of groundwater untouched.